An Argument ?

In todays world full of technology an argument doesn't always have to be verbal. Tonight was a perfectly good example.

The transition from middle school to high school is a difficult one.  Freshman year, as I remember it, is loaded with tons of responsibilities.  The teachers now expect you to take notes and ask questions, how annoying.   My freshman year was certainly an adjustment.  I am trying, I really am,  to be sympathetic to his transition.   I don't know, but  at 6 weeks into the school year I am running rather low on sympathy.

Mark came home with a less than stellar grade in his biology I class.  I personally studied with him for over an hour the night before the test.  He knew the material.  Apparently, he only new it until his head hit the pillow, at which point aliens came down and sucked all knowledge out of his brain.  Well, I was... frustrated, annoyed, aggravated, at wit's end, ....pick one.   I sounded off and declared that tonight he would not get any television.  Furthermore, I decided that there would be no TV for the rest of the week.  Knowing that Mark would, (a) argue with me, (b) do what he wanted anyway (c) goof off  or (c) all of the above, I confiscated all of the TV remotes and hid them in various locations.

After dinner, I left Mark working on homework and took off for a much needed walk with the dog.  It is still uncertain as to who needed the walk more Me or the Dog.  I was not at all surprised when I got a text only minutes later.

Mark: did u hide da remote
Mom: yup
Mark:  done w hmwk.
Mom: K
Mark: Can I watch TV
Mom:  (no response)
Mark: AYT (are you there)
Mom: yes
Mark: can i
Mom: No
Mark: Found remote BLNT (better luck next time)
Mom: (no response)
Mark: ?Batteries????
Mom :p

Would you believe that I "accidentally" walked off with the batteries to all of the remotes, in my pocket?
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