Little Bitty Knits.

Perhaps it was the impending birth of my nephew that gave me the itch to knit. Or it could have been the return of soccer season.  Maybe it could be that the humidity has dropped and we are actually having some 'cooler' days here in SC. (when I say cooler I mean upper 80's) Whatever the reason, I have been flooded with the desire to sit down and play with some fiber.  I shared with you the heart hat and mitten set I knit up for my niece last month.

I just finished up this cute little Cardigan for Baby Guido. (don't worry it is just a nickname)  Isn't it adorable?   It is made up 100% organic wool from Philosophers wool. The patter is called Snug by hinke. It knits up using all garter stitch. (it's a free download on Ralvery) It is "an almost seamless baby hoody" and the seams that do exist are simple to stitch up.  The hardest part for me is the crocheted button loops.  I crochet, but vary minimally and only when I have too.  The pattern calls for the cutest little toggle buttons and I cannot find them small enough.

While I continue on my search for the perfect buttons I started on The Jester Hat from the Yarn Girls Guide to Kids Knits.  I have knit up this pattern before and it turns out so cute.  Kids and especially babies can pull of the big floppy hat and pom-poms.

Don't think just because I have picked up my knitting needles that quilting has ceased to exist. NO WAY! My creative juice has been working overtime!  I have a couple of quilts in various stages, okay who doesn't? I'll share with you just a little tease.  A little something I have been working on for an up coming holiday.

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