Jean's Diamonds Quilt Pattern

One of the things my late Grandmother loved was Jewelry.  It didn't matter if it was real or costume jewelry Grandma would wear it.  In memory of her love for all that was jewelry I have named this pattern after her. Presenting:

Jean's Diamonds

Quilt size 51" X 51"
For this pattern you will need:
Assorted solid fat quarters or 1 yard total fabric  (colored diamonds)
2 yards White solid (blocks and border)
1 yard of med Gray solid (border)
1/2 yard fabric (binding)
3 yards (backing)

1. From assorted colors:
 Cut out 38 -- 4.5 inch squares
Cut 50 -- 2.5 inch squares

2. From white solid:
cut 66 -- 4.5 inch squares
cut 78 -- 2.5 inch squares
6 -- 2.5 inch strips width of fabric
6 -- 1.5 inch strips width of fabric

3. From Medium Gray solid:
Cut 28 -- 2.5 inch squares
6 -- 2.5 inch strips width of fabric
5 -- 1.5 inch strips width of fabric

Quilt Body:
 Make 4 patch blocks using 2 - 2.5 inch white squares and 2 -  2.5 inch colored squares.  (Blocks may be made in a variety of colored squares or one color through out the quilt. ) Sew one white and one colored block together. press seams toward colored side.  Sew second white and colored block together. press seam toward colored side. Align seams and edges of 2 pieced units, sew together into four patch with opposite corners matching. see below. Make 24 units.

Assemble 4.5 inch white blocks,  4.5 solid blocks and 4 patch blocks in diagonal rows as shown.
 Once all blocks are sewn together it should look like this:

 Once top is assembled and pressed use straight edge to square up quilt edges. Lay straight edge over outside row of white diamonds.  Cut 3/8 inch from point of colored diamonds. (Dashed line represents cut edge.)

 Sew 1.5 inch medium gray strip around quilt. Press seams toward gray strips.  

Diamond in a square White and Gray Border:

For each of the 14 diamonds that suround the body of the quilt you will need 2 white 2.5 inch squares and 2 medium gray 2.5 inch squares.  Draw a diagonal line across the wrong side of the white and gray 2.5 inch square. This will be your sewing line.  Take one 4.5 inch square and place one 2.5 inch white square in upper left corner, right side facing right side, and place one gray 2.5 inch square in lower right corner.  Sew across your drawing diagonal line.

Once your pieces are stitched, press squares back and trim seam allowance to 1 /14 inch.

Now place one 2.5 inch white square in upper right corner and one 2.5 inch gray square in lower left corner, right sides together. Sew on your diagonal line. Press

Press triangles open and trim seam to 1/4 inch:

Continue making border diamond using the above method until you have 14,

Making Borders:

Sew 2.5 inch white strip to 2.5 inch gray strip, press seam towards gray. Make 6 total.
Take two of the white and gray border strips and cut in half.  You will have 4 long lengths of white gray units and 4 short length white and gray units.

Now to assemble the borders.

Sew 3 border diamonds together matching corners and colors.  Make two 3 diamond block units.
Sew 4 border diamonds together matching corners and colors.  Make two 4 diamond block units.
Sew one long gray and white border strip to left side of both 3 and 4 diamond block units.  Sew short gray and white border strips to right side of 3 and 4 diamond block units.

Take your 1.5 inch white strips and sew to white side of border strip.

Sew borders to sides of quilt top.  Starting and stopping at least 1/4 inch from corner.  (see mitered corner tutorial)
Miter corners and press seams.

Sew backing together, Quilt and bind as you like.
Now you have your very own diamonds that Jean would be proud to wear!


Butterfly said...

found this on Pinterst and really like it!


Melody Johnson said...

Thanks for doing the tutorial. Lovely quilt, and I must give it a whirl.

Unknown said...

Very pretty thank you for the tutorial...

Sharon Pernes said...

I just found this pattern and love it. Your directions are very good. I was wondering what the dimensions are of the finished quilt?

Unknown said...

This is an adorable quilt,one that I would very much like to make. Can you please post the size of this quilt?

Thank you for sharing your pattern, you are a very talented lady.

Jenn4653 said...

Quilt size 51" X 51"

Unknown said...

Love this. I have lots of solids in my stash from years and years ago....also a new baby coming into the family...this is good timing., thanks for the easy tute!!


What Comes Next? said...

just came across this on pinterest and love it - especially the border! Thank you for sharing