Having fun

Yesterday was just another day in the life of this busy family.  After school we had homework, snacks, laughter and tears.  We had supper and took off like the crazies we are to events for all.  I dropped Emma off at dance with a reminder that Daddy was picking her up.  I told her if Daddy was not there when she got out, she needed to sit in the waiting room and wait for him.  I didn't want her outside.  Her response, "Sometimes, Daddy runs late.  I know."  She even made those little bunny ear quotes around "runs late"  as if to say, that is what he calls it when he forgets to pick me up.

John took Jack to his middle school open house.  A week ago Jack had asked us to please come to his open house.  When I explained that Mark and Emma also had activities on this day and that only one parent could go he was in agony.  He didn't want to choose.  He said, "You cannot expect me to choose!  That is like having to choose between Legos and Pokemon."  It was a weekend long decision making process for Jack.  He wavered back and forth for days.  Finally impatient with his inability to make a decision I said, "Okay, I'll ask Mark who he wants to take him to soccer."  and so I did.  Naturally Mark chose Dad.  Jack then  promptly jumped all over Mark and I and said, "But, I want Dad to go with me!"  AH-HA!  The truth is revealed.

I was shipped off to watch Mark's soccer game.  John, Jack and Emma did not have enough time to come out to the game, a fact which John hated and Jack and Emma LOVED.  After the open house and dance were over John brought Jack and Emma back home.  The kids were wild with the excitement of the day and John was tired.  John encouraged them to play the piano for him, finish their homework, get snacks and take showers.  At one point Jack and Emma were HYPER, that is the only word to explain it.  John yelled at them to calm down and sent them upstairs to their rooms.  Not 5 minutes later, I was told, Jack and Emma heard the loud beginnings of The William Tell Overture.  They took off downstairs to investigate.  When they saw that Dad was to blame Jack said, "This is not helping us calm down Dad."  and Emma said, "I always knew you could be fun Dad.  You just don't show it when you're with Mom!"

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