Letting out the breath I didn't know I was holding...SIGH

SIGH.. I can finally let out a deep breath.  They are all back in school! Today marked the first day of school for my three.  I have all three at different schools this year and it is going to be one crazy year!
Ginger ready to take them all to school

Emma is a 4th Grader

The day started out peacefully enough, Emma and I were the only two up.  We sat and had breakfast, fixed our hair and got her ready for her first day as a fourth grader.  (I only got one eye roll and she only snapped at me once.)  All in all a good morning. I woke the boys up as I walked out the door to take Emma to school.  As soon as we got within a block of school, I knew I was in trouble.  The line, just to pull into the school, stretched around the block.  At this point I wished I had gotten everyone up earlier.  It took me one and a half hours to get everyone to their respective schools.  Traffic was terrible.  There were multiple accidents.  It appeared everyone in Lexington was taking their kids to school today.  Fortunately, everyone got to school before the tardy bell, but just barely.

Jack starts Middle School
Now that they are all in school until 2:30 when the chaos starts all over again.  Until then, I can do whatever I want!  Yahoo!  Should I go shopping for myself? (crazy, I know!)  Oh, I could drink coffee and read a book, without being interrupted. (Insane)  I could even go get a pedicure and be confident no one would be home to step on my newly painted toes. (preposterous!) Or get this, perhaps I could carry on a phone conversation with a friend, just for FUN!  (NO WAY!)  The possibilities are endless.

Mark is a Freshman

Whatever I do choose to do, I know I will miss them all.
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