You may remember this quilt, Fall Frolic. I sewed up the quilt top last summer when I was without my long-arm machine.

Thursday I was able to put the backing together, load my long arm machine and get it quilted, all in the course of one evening!!! Now you may be asking yourself, "Did Hell freeze over?" and I assure, it did not. Thursday night was an interesting mix of unrest and freedom in the same bite. As you may or may not be aware, my children finished up their last day of school on Thursday. With the culmination of another year, a fact that I am still having trouble with, the number of parties that were occurring was astronomical. Mark and Emma were both invited out. Emma to her first sleepover! It was this event was causing me a bit of unrest and uneasiness as she is my last to do so. I needed to keep busy. The comfort that I still had Jack here to entertain me was quickly smothered as Jack exclaimed, "I am exhausted! Can I go to bed now?" At no less that 8 pm that night I was alone, uneasy and wide awake. Not that I could have slept if I had wanted to. I was sure if I fell asleep Emma would be calling to ask me to come and pick her up. I also reasoned that if I stayed awake she would be fine. My assumption proved true as she spent the entire night and was not at all ready to come home when I went to retrieve her at 10:30 the next morning. I worked steadily all evening and well into Friday morning and now have this quilt finished. Three quilts in one week, if you can fathom that!

I have been checking out how other quilters finish their quilts. I have been drawn to several quilts made by Film in the Fridge. I love, Love, LOVE the fact that she makes the backs of her quilts just as beautiful as the front, without taking away from the beauty of the front. She is quick to challenge the "law" of traditional quilting and put her own spin on a quilt or quilt pattern. I admire this, and therefore have been experimenting with the limits I have put on my own quilts.

In this quilt I added leftover strips from the front onto the backing. I also intermixed solid color binding fabric with small pieces of color from the pattern on the front and back. The results are stunning and the pictures do not do them justice. I really need to take a photography class and learn how to show off my quilts in pictures. The new quilt is in the Etsy shop, check it out!

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