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Read all about it New Species of Scytheolopods found buy scientists Jack and Emma.  These Scytheolopods are very rare indeed living thousands of feet underground.  According to Jack "this is why they have never been discovered before."  Apparently, multiple worm like creatures can come from one egg type.  The Scytheolopods are grouped into three types.  the Orients, the Carriopods and the Carefulopods.  The temperature of the soil determines the type of worm which will develop.  I am told by Emma that the Orients live closest to the surface but are rarely seen "because people just think they are regular worms."  

The other worms, carriopods and carefulopods live deep, deep, deep under the surface of the earth. The worms have been discovered to share some characteristics with meteors found in the area.  Thus Jack concludes they may be of extra-terrestrial nature.  

More study of these new an exciting creatures is needed to know for sure.  

In other news I have finished another quilt top!  This quilt pattern comes from the book 40 Fabulous Quick-Cut Quilts.  by Evelyn Sloppy.  This book has many wonderful patterns which I hope to sometime tackle.  I believe I may actually purchase this book because I just cannot renew it enough times to get them all done.   This quilt is called Fall Frolic and was made with 22 fat quarters.  I discovered in my searching that Ebay can be a wonderful source of cheaper fabric.  
This quilt was made with this fat quarter bundle from Moda.  ( And look no triangles!)

 Do not however be fooled by the title as I was.  Quick Cut does not mean Quick Assembly.  The author is very creative at breaking down very complicated looking quilts into simple steps.  This in combination with her great diagrams make the patterns easy to follow.  I have at least 6 other patterns flagged in this book.  I have already started the next quilt in this book.  Now if only my kids would cooperate and let me quilt.  
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