A new art

Brothers and sisters argue.  That every parent knows WAY to well.  Well, my kids while practically perfect in every other way, (HA!HA!)  still argue, fight and argue some more.  They find the oddest things to argue about.  At times I am convinced they argue because there is nothing more fun than an argument.  As a Mom, this drives me insane.  Not only do I hate the fact that they arguing, but I really hate the fact that I am dragged into it constantly.  Somehow, I am like the Magic 8 Ball mommy.  Irritate me get me all shook up and then turn me over for your answer.  I think they find it just as funny to get me worked up.  

As my kids have aged I have found that their arguments have evolved.  First it was the common,  make me mad and I'll cry or bite you.  Oh, the toddler years.  Then It was make me mad and I'll tell.  Okay, so maybe that one still is in effect.  Recently, I have started paying closer attention to their poking and prodding of one another.  I have discovered they are elevating arguments to an art.  First it starts innocently enough with teasing.  Then a harsh word will be said and the words, "I'm just kidding" shortly follow.  Most recently, I noticed the introduction of something most remarkable.  Foreign Language.  Mark has taken a quarter of both french and spanish this year. Jack and Emma picked up snippets from their friends in El Paso and the rest I believe are made up.  Here are some of the things I have overheard.

Ferme la bouche - shut your mouth
ce infecte - you are infected
tu-discusto - you are disgusting
salgo - go away
tu stupido - (fairly obvious)
NO, soy listo -No I am clever.

 I am not sure whether to praise the fact they have take to using another language or be angry they are still arguing.  Not to be out done I have picked up my own answers.  
"Cada uno a sus cuartos!"  -  Everyone to there rooms!

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