Self Portraits

Isn't it interesting the way we see ourselves. Most of the time I try to buy alcohol I get carded.  I always get a critical eye looking at my drivers license as if I am using my older sisters license.  Not that I am not thankful for looking younger, but I often wonder what they see when they look at me.  Do they notice I am barely 5 feet tall with blonde hair?  Do they not see me toting 3 kids around?  How can they not see the wrinkles and gray hair that I saw only this morning?  I once saw and interview with Tyra Banks who said she never tells people what she thinks her "imperfections" are because it only draws their eye directly to it.  I find it rather remarkable that what I see as obvious signs of aging are often overlooked by others who know me.  

Recently Jack and Emma did Self Portraits at school.  I was fascinated by their drawings.  I was amazed at the characteristics they drew and others that were overlooked.  And in Emma's case, she has been trying to decided if she should cut her hair so she drew herself with shorter hair! 

I was fascinated by the fact that they see themselves so differently than I do.  It is really remarkable that each drawing hold elements of each child beyond the physical.  I love their triangle suns in the corner and that Jack drew birds as V's.  Yet, even in these drawings it is obvious there are things they like and dislike about themselves.  Things that others overlook everyday. So, my question to you is "Who do you see when you look in the mirror?" 

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