You know it's Monday when your mom drags you out of bed at 7:30 am.  Not only is it earlier than you had ever intended on waking, it its also the first day of summer vacation!  You ignore her and say something incoherent.  She leaves to pester someone else and you hope, no pray, that she will not return.  No such luck.  What seems like seconds she returns, turning on lights and ripping sheets off of you, muttering something or other.  Why won't she just leave me alone!  "Why do I have to get up?"  you ask.  Oh, yeah.  Your sister has soccer camp this morning, super.  Not at all looking forward to sitting for 3 hours while you watch your sister play, you drag yourself out of bed and stumble over your clothes from yesterday, or was it the day before.  No matter.  You contemplate leaving the light to the bathroom off, reluctantly you turn it on.  On your way into the bathroom you peek at your self in the mirror and think, "man, this summer cannot go on like this. I hope I get to go fishing this afternoon."  Then you step up to the toilet to do your business and you look down, "What the Heck is that!"  

You have got to be kidding.  There's a Frog in the toilet!   "MOM!!!"

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