Soccer for the Princess

This week was Emma's dive into Summer Camp.  This was the first year I could get her to agree to go.(and even then I had to stay until she said it was OK to leave.)  Emma struggles, as I suppose most youngest children do at one time or another, with growing up.  She wants to be "big"  like Mark and Jack, yet she fills the roll of "baby"  so well.  She decided on her own to start playing soccer.  She has always admired her brother for playing and God knows she has logged in enough time watching.  I am not yet sure what inspired this new interest but she seemed happy with her decision.  Ah, with one catch.  There is always a catch.  She is ready to go to soccer camp provided she has the right accessories (most people call it equipment).    First and foremost it's about the shoes.  Big surprise.  We spent the better part of an hour trying on soccer cleats.  First we tried on the pink one, then the nike with the color changeable swoosh, then the plain black.  All the while her brothers were reeking havoc of one type or another throughout the store.  She decided on the black nike with the white and blue trim (you can never go wrong with black) .  Then it was shin-guards, hair ties and what type of shorts to wear.  Exhausting work.  I wasn't sure even after the shopping extravaganza that we did indeed have everything she "thought" she needed.  And sure enough everyday she came home with a new item(s) that she "needed."  Fortunately, a quick raid of Mark's old soccer things provided us with everything, almost.  Soccer camp was a huge hit.  Everyday she told me stories of what they did, who she talked to,  and what she had for snack.  Today was the last day for soccer camp.  Emma was quite upset that soccer would be ending.  I assured her she would be able to play this fall.  While slightly pacified she threw in a few tears for good measure.  After every camp ended I would ask, "So how was your day?"  And she would rattle on for at least 30 minutes.  Today, was no exception.  I picked her up and asked, "So how was your Last day??"  To which she replied,  "It was great momma!  We played boys vs. girls and the girls won!  But best of all you know what I learned today?!"  She was so excited I couldn't imagine what it was.  " I learned this.  After we beat the boys we would sing.  Girls go to college to get more knowledge. Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider."  Well, that is something.
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