All I wanted was a nap.

It's official my kids have been out of school for 2 days, 2 DAYs! and I am ready for them to go back. I think summer vacation is only a 'vacation' for the teachers. I think it should be renamed "Summers are boring" or "There is nothing to do in the summer break." I try to combat boredom over the summer by planing things to do. I enroll the kids in activities, pay out the nose for lessons of one type or another, schedule play dates and still it is not enough. I think perhaps I am only sabotaging myself. Regardless of the activities I plan, the kids pick things to do which drive me insane, namely fighting, arguing, and nastiness towards one another. Why is this I ask you?

Today was no different than any other "planned day". Revelry was at 7am. followed by breakfast and a quick trek out the door to our first activity at 8. (John has been teasing me about Mommy boot camp.) The morning was full of activities and errand running. We arrived home at 12:30. I even took them out to lunch at McDonald's. How great am I? Yet, still there was fighting. Fighting in the car over who sits wear. Arguing over the radio. Yelling at one another over what was said, and wasn't said. I tried, really tried to tune them out. They have some things they have to work out on their own. Yeah, only that didn't work. Finally Emma said, "Tell, Jack I wasn't trying to say what he said, I was saying it my own way." What?! It appeared they were arguing over arguing. Goodie a new summer activity.

At one o'clock I had had enough! I declared my Independence from my children and went to my room to read. AKA take a short nap. My goal was 1 hour. After 10 minutes they found me. I sent them away. After 22 minutes, they were back with a not so serious, toe-nail emergency. OH, happy day. After 40 minutes, I was awakened as the TV got louder and LOUDER, as did the accompanied screaming and piano playing. That was it! Not only did I not get my respite, I did not even get a time-out. I sent them outside to play in there really cool tree house, which brought many, many protests, believe it or not. Inevitably, both Jack and Emma returned saying it was too hot to play outside and (my favorite excuse of all, "WE'RE BORED!" )

Oh, how sorry they are that those words were uttered. Bored, hmm, well I have lots to do so I guess you'll just have to help me. As I sit and vent in this post my windows are being washed, my laundry folded and the carpets swept. I think next the dishwasher needs unloaded and the dining room could use dusted. Perhaps the toilets need cleaned, oh, that's just a fabulous idea. Maybe I could have the porches swept next, hmm. Of course I will have to plan for tomorrow when I am sure we will have a random case of the "We're bored!" With luck by Friday I will get that nap.
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