Fabric Nesting Baskets- A Tutorial

I have been working on this design for several months. It was a challenge putting the design that has been tumbling around inside my brain into words for and images for others. The directions for the boxed corners were a stumbling block for me so lease feel free to email me with any questions. There are several good tutorials on the web strictly for boxing corners. This link has many good pictures if you are a visual person (It even has the algebraic equations for those of you are so inclined.)

This is the second set of nesting baskets I have made. The first set was much to small to be functional and was really a prototype. These latest baskets are much more fuctional and I think will come in handy around the house. Actually, Emma has already claimed them for herself, I need to make my own.

I have been wanting to set up a tutorial for this project so that others may enjoy it. After many, many electronic and technalogical stumbles I think I finally have it! WooHoo! Here is the Fabric Nesting basket link for pdf. file.

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