Several years ago Jack received a National Geographic Kids TV microscope for one holiday or another. As children's toys are prone to do it makes an appearance several times a year when the kids suddenly re-discover that they have it. It is quite an ingenious toy as it connects to your TV and your Microscopic image is projected in wide screen for all to see.

Such was the case this past weekend when it turned up once again. Everything within reach of the TV was examined and looked at. Things were brought in from all over the house to be looked at up close. After a while the normal inanimate objects become boring and live or living type things make an appearance. Noses are looked up, throats are looked down, and fingernails are clipped for closer examination. Rarely do they tire of looking at things under the microscope. More often that not they run out of things close at hand to observe.

Yesterday, after perusing through all of the items close at hand Jack asked me for a new ideas. I suggested a few items I found in the desk drawer. After all of the items found within the desk were observed, they still were not satisfied. They wanted something new. Something they hadn't looked at before. Jack had a cut on his hand that was mostly healed so I suggested that they look at that. After clotting and coagulation were discussed and the wonders of the human skin examined they still were not satisfied. Jack said, "We need more blood. I want to see if we can see red blood cells." Knowing that they could not under this magnification I suggested they look at some pictures in my Anatomy books from college. This suggestion was NOT what they were looking for. "We want something really gross." Jack suggested in a slightly devious manor. Fearing the worst, I remembered the cut I have on my head. (Little run in with a cabinet door. Noting to worry about. Just general clumsiness.) I suggested that they look at my scalp. They were thrilled beyond belief. Pleased I could make someone at least a tiny bit happy, I indulged them. Once the cut was located and the hair pulled away the kids zoomed in on the scab and surrounding tissue. Jack immediately exclaimed, "That is so disgusting! Mom, you are the grossest thing we have looked at all day. Thanks!"

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