The weeks that have past since the repair of my machine have blown by. I have gotten many projects completed and many others started. During the completion of my flip-flop wreath block, a devastating fact occurred to me. My zig-zag stitch is once again not working. Okay, it's working, just not the way it is supposed to. It kind of looks like this zzzzz--zzzz___zzz_zzzz---, with lots of straight stitches intermingled with the zig-zag. Basically it has a serious stutter.

The machine is under warranty for another month from the last repair, which is good. For those of you who remember the saga that was the last repair, this is bad. I had resigned myself to a new machine after the last repair, yet it is never seems to be a "good" time. After I realized that I needed to take my machine back to Larry, Daryl and Daryl, I realized also that I may not see it for a long while. Therefore with the help of my birthday $$$ (Thanks Mom & Dad!) I went out and bought this little beauty. It is last years model and may not be a "top-of-the-line" model but it sews a zig-zag beautifully!

Sorry, can't write more. I'm off to sew.
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