Wanting what you can't have

You always want what you can't or don't have. I have been known to say this statement often if not excessively to my eight-year-old. So much so that she has been known to spit it out before I do. In her case it refers to straight hair. She has beautiful curly locks which shine just like the commercials but of course she always wants to wear it straight. Even when we take the time to straighten it, it inevitably curls before the day is over. This drives her crazy. I know the feeling.

Right now I do not have my sewing machine. Therefore I cannot sew. I contemplate quilts I want to make, get enthusiastic about making them, then I remember. I have to wait. I have thought about cutting fabric, yet I know I will just be disappointed when I cannot sew what I've cut.

Never mind that I have things that I can quilt. Never mind that I am knitting up a beautiful cardigan. I want to piece a quilt and I cannot do it! I want to make another set of nesting baskets. Sorry, can't do it. I am insanely frustrated. I have been patient, OK maybe I need to work on that, but I have waited. And still I do not have my sewing machine back!

I have been perusing the online catalogs, checking out features of other machines, looking for the best deals, free shipping offers, etc. Unless I can come up with several hundred dollars of found money it will just have to wait. Again more waiting.

Perhaps, there is a lesson here. Currently, I am not seeing it.
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