The Saga Continues

My Sewing machine is still on the injury list. I am feeling completely at a loss. It is as if I need to clean house just to keep busy. OK, maybe it's not that bad.

After two long weeks without a word from the repair shop, I was finally able to talk with someone. I called and politely asked(because in all reality I wanted to scream) about her.
He replies, "I will have her for you the first of next week." yeah, sure I thought. I was perplexed. I specifically remember asking them to call me before doing any work.
"Oh," I said slightly confused. "What seems to be the problem?"
"Well, ma'am," he drawled, "your machine won't hold tension." Really!?! Perhaps you could tell me something I haven't already discovered. I did after all bring her in for just that reason! "Yes?" I prompted. He cleared his throat and rushed on in a raspy southern voice. "I sent off for a new bobbin casing. Should be in end of the week. I can have it to you by the first of next week." Okay, perhaps I need to get that in writing.
"Could you please tell me how much these repairs will cost?" I asked in my most charming voice. I think I actually gasped. I could by a new machine for that! A very bottom of the line new machine, but still.

I am at a loss of what to do.

The good news is that she is not so old that new parts are unattainable. And she can be fixed. The bad news, still no machine and repair cost higher than I really wanted to pay.

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