The new and improved Ohio State Quilt

It comes as no surprise that with my sewing machine currently out of commission I would turn to my other "sewing" machine, my longarm machine. I worked all weekend to finish this New and improved version of The Ohio State Quilt for Mark. He has wanted an Ohio State room forever, and we came pretty close in El Paso. He still wants an Ohio State room only now he has a bigger bed. The lap quilt that he had spread out over his twin mattress hardly hides the floral comforter he has been forced to use since we moved in. It is demeaning and just plain wrong, I'm told to be 13, a 'dude' and have a floral bedspread. What will the guys think? I have several counters to this statement, the first and foremost being, You mean teen guys, Think? The second being really, they can see that it is floral while it is in a ball on the floor under that pile of, what is that anyway? Don't worry I didn't say them out loud, but I wanted to.
Now he is one step closer to having a true Man's Quilt, I just have to bind it. That shouldn't take long at all. (Insert evil laugh here.)

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