Fabric, Friendship and Fun!

Guess what I got in the mail? TWO Packages! Not just any packages mind you. The best kind of package for a sewing crazed quilter w/o a machine.
I got these, yesterday.

Woohoo. Two quilt tops, complete with sewn backing!

Two bow tied jelly rolls, in lovely muddy shades.

An awesome bobbin holder, can you believe I don't(didn't) own one?, as well as a case of bobbins. Thanks Mary!

Not only did I get this lovely box assortment. I also received my order from Fabric.com. This may not sound that thrilling considering I have NO machine, did I mention this? However, I ordered 108 in fabric backing. No sewing! I think the person who came up with that idea should have a holiday named after them. Happy Quilting!

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