I spent most of Monday morning dusting., that is until I ran out of Pledge. Then I promptly jumped in the shower. With dusting taken care of for the moment, I resumed quilting on the OHIO quilt. This, sadly is the last of the quilts I have that have pieced backings. I had studied the quilt looking for something to quilt on it for over a week. Finally I just jumped. Unsure of where to start I relied mostly on loops. I don't know why but loops are quite calming to me. Perhaps it is the back and forth motion. I have to be quite careful when I do quilt lots of loops, I tend to loose focus and end up quilting myself into a corner. Here's what I did with this quilt.

1. I started with the red border and quilted a leaf and vine, very simply. ( I wanted to do a more complex design. However, since I plan on selling this quilt I could not justify the extensive use of thread that it would require)

2. I quilted stars and meandering loops on the starry border. I tried several angles but the thread and the fabric are too close a match to show up well. It was very difficult to quilt. I wished fervently that I had use of a black light. Check out Ranae Haddadin video tips on you tube. If you're not familiar with her quilting, check out her website at ranaequilts.com. Prepare to be amazed!

3. I used this up and down loop design on the black border. Only after I had quilted this did I realize it looked like a big "M" I apologize to all of you who are OSU fans for even attempting a design that would conjure up images of Michigan.

4. I quilted loops and Ohio through out the center of the motif. I really enjoy this design and have serious trouble placing the Ohio in just the right spots. I only hope this makes up for the absurd use of the M swirly.

Now I am off to cut more fabric in hopes I will someday have a machine to piece it all with.

BTW: I stopped into the machine shop today and the individual there was less than helpful. I had apparently disturbed his chain smoking record as the shop wall a haze of cigarette smoke. When I inquired about the machine he gave me his broadest smile, showing all 8 of his teeth and said politely, "Don't know nothin' bout that ma'am. You'll have to call that number on the sign and ask." Super.

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