I am a strong believer in signs. Not the ones on the roads and side streets, although those too have there usefulness. What I am referring to are the signs or clues that can give you that little push towards one destination or another. Well, I don't have to tell you how surprised I was to find this written in the dust on my dining room table! (it reads, "Emma was here") A sign such as this I have never seen. And it's message rang loud and clear. DUST ALREADY!

I am sure you have already surmised that I am not fond of dusting. I don't know why one task bothers me more than another; but dust is not something I typically worry much over. Dirty bathrooms, messy kitchen counters and even dirty fingerprints which cover my doors and windows have a higher rank than dust. It is ironic that the very chore I detest is one in which I should be ever vigilant. You see I am actually allergic to dust. Just going into this room to take this picture made my nose itch. Perhaps my lack of enthusiasm toward dusting is subconsciously due to the symptoms which the substance brings about. What ever the reason I actually take comfort in the fact that when my life is over my obituary will never read. "One of the most fastidious dusters I have ever known."

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