Sew, What's up?

Well, the latest on my sewing machine is that there is nothing new. I still have not heard back from the repair shop, even though I have called at least 3 times. I still get the same answer, "Haven't had time to look at it yet. I'll try to get to it tomorrow." That just sucks.

I have been filling my time with quilting and knitting, since I cannot sew. I had really hoped to get into my green fabric stash and start cutting for my newest "Christmas Tree" quilt but that really hasn't happened yet either.

Here are some of the quilting designs I used on this Christmas package quilt. The boarder was quilted lightly with Christmas tree shapes all around. This boarder fabric is velvet! I wasn't so sure I could quilt velvet but it turned out nice. I don't think it would sustain a heavy quilting, and it defiantly needed the fusible interfacing on the back to keep it stable.

I quilted Merry Christmas on the sashing between the blocks. Sorry for the picture, it was the best I could get.
I quilted every package with a different design. I tried to stick with "wintry"themed patterns. Here are swirls.
On this block I quilted loops and added in a hardy HoHoHo! to give this package a bit of holiday cheer.
Of course you can't have Christmas without a little snow.
And a few stars.

Although it is hard to see, I quilted holly leaves on this quilt block. The silver sashing. representing the ribbon I quilted, well, a ribbon.

I have also started working on a new knit cardigan. This one is called Hey, Teach. I am enjoying the lace pattern and with luck this one may be finished before the end of spring.

Sadly, I have also been working on a spring cold which has slowed me down quite bit.
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