Zipping along

OK here it is my first zipper in a knitted item. TA-DA!

I was hesitant to start it because I was doing it for a friend. (HI AMY). Somehow I expected it to be more difficult than sewing a zipper in a fabric garment. It wasn't difficult but it did present some interesting learning experiences. Here are some things I learned while researching and sewing in the zipper.

1. It is easier to hand sew a zipper in a knitted garment. Not only can you control the stretch of the yarn but you also can see the stitches clearer if you need to remove them.

2. Long sewing pins, and needles are necessary, the thicker the better. I used corsage pins to hold the zipper ends in place.

3. Instead of using a facing or button band a I-cord edge covers the zipper edge without adding bulk.

4. Do not finish tacking the neck band edges before zipper is installed.

5. Blanket binding or hem tape can be used to cover the zipper on the inside to give your garment a smooth inner edge.

6. Basting your knitted garment fronts together helps keep zipper even over both sides.

7. Stitch markers, for crochet or coil-less safety pins can be used to hold knitted garment fronts together, in place of basting.

8. Make sure you have a very patient and understanding friend before beginning an undertaking of this sort. (Thanks AMY!)
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