Quilted Things

I don't believe I have shared the quilting that I did in December. I actually quilted all of these in a space of about 2 weeks! And then, NOTHING.

I really need to get back on my quilting machine. I still have several quilt tops, that I made this summer to quilt, then maybe a friend (Mary) will get it in her head to send me a few more to practice on?!?

Regardless, I am so happy with the results of these quilts. I was quite anxious about the amount of time it would take me to relearn my machine, but never fear, It was like riding a bike. Okay, perhaps not that simple but you get the idea.
My ultimate goal is to get them all quilted and bound along with the 4 others I have up on the etsy site before summer comes an I have kids to entertain once more.
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