Christmas Pictures

We are back from out Christmas Travels north of the Mason-Dixon and I can tell you that it gets seriously cold up there! I began to wonder why I didn't pack more sweaters.
We had a blast at all of our Christmas stops! A big THANKS to all who put up with us and put us up. Here are a few pictures of the chaos that ensued over break.

Emma, Grammy and Jack pose during our Christmas opening in Cincinnati.

Mark and Audrey (his first cousin once removed, I think?) sharing a minute in between board games.

The kids playing baseball in the 1 inch of snow we saw in Cincinnati.

Emma modeling the Skywalk in downtown Cincinnati.

Skating in Detroit. Our New Year's Eve Tradition. Mark, John, Jack, Emma, & Abby form a train. Mark was "lucky" enough to be voted engineer.

One of the few nights the kids got to bed before midnight. (I think it was 11:30). All in all a very exhausting, enjoyable and entertaining holiday vacation!

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