All Buttoned UP

Do Not Adjust Your Monitor!

It just so happens I have finished another project. Here is the sweater I finished knitting in March of last year! OMG has it really taken me that long to sew buttons on? I am a bigger slacker than I thought! Sad, just very sad, there are only four!
Anyway here they are looking mighty pretty sitting on this gorgeous Philosophers Wool. Aren't they pretty!
Now, I just have to figure out who would enjoy it the most, since it unfortunately is made of wool and I have just recently sworn off the stuff. It really is a beautiful sweater but, since my last anaphylactic reaction to wool I just am not that excited about having it anywhere near myself.
Hmm. Who do I know who lives north of the Mason Dixon line and needs to stay warm? Right! Everyone. Send me and email if you are interested.
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