I have been wanting to get down to making a few totes I've had my eye on. Trouble is yes, winter doldrums. Since the weather hear has become warmer in the last week, and we have actually had SUN I have finally gotten down to business. First let me say, I LOVE FAT QUARTERS! (fat quarters for all of you non-quilty people are 18x22 in piece of fabric) Hmm. put that way it really doesn't sound to wonderful. Oh, but they are! All of the colors and textures just sitting there begging to be made into something, anything. The best part for me is that it solves the problem I usually take with me to the fabric store, "How much fabric should I buy if I don't have a specific plan to use it?" (Ignoring the obvious, why do you need to buy more fabric.) Fat quarters fold up small, for storage and can be thrown into just about anything fabric related quilts, clothing, curtains, and even TOTES!

These lovely colors all came from a fat quarter bundle I picked up in Grove City while I was there. You didn't actually think Mary and I would not go to the fabric store together. (Incidentally the name of this wonderful world of all things quilting is Always in Stitches, just an FYI) These are a Michael Miller fabrics line Pillow and Maxfield. (Again FYI just in case anyone wants to pick some up) While there I also picked up a tote pattern.
It's called the Chubby Charmer, designed by Penny Sturges. I am quite excited about this tote because it is exceptionally large. I plan on using it as a tote for boating. This is the one place we go where my tote never, ever seams big enough. This one measures 14 in. tall, 18 in. wide and 10 in. deep. Should be big enough to put in a few boating related items. CAN'T WAIT!

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