Art Show 1/2010

Creativity abounds. Most of the projects you see here were given to me as Christmas presents by two of my favorite people.
This is Emma's Turkey Project from all the way back in November. She was given a pattern of a turkey and had to "dress it up" for Thanksgiving. Many of the kids made rock star turkeys or ballerina turkeys. Emma and I got creative and added fabric. Since we both enjoy sewing and playing with fabric we sewed him up quickly. Added batting and googly eyes and Voila! Our Turkey with Stuffing! LOL:)
Following on the bird theme. Here is an owl, complete with googly eyes, Emma made in art class.
"Keeping busy." is what Emma said she was doing when this creation was produced. Looks like she did just that.
Jack calls this "Crazy Hair Dude." Another art project.

Nothing says Christmas quite like a handmade ornament. This particular ornament was made with love by Emma. It came wrapped in the cutest little reindeer bag, which unfortunately I did not get a picture of. rats.
One of the 7 Christmas ornaments Jack made for me. Their teacher must have been feeling particularly crafty during this past holiday season.
Ornament number two from the same collection.
I think this is just the cutest little snowman jar. I cannot wait to fill it with goodies next Christmas. Again a present from Jack.
This is Jack's interpretation of a "Funky Chicken" In his spare (haha) time this chicken enjoys a quick round of golf.

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