Lately I have been having a creativity slump. It is not at all unusual for me to have ideas flowing so fast I cannot keep up, but recently I have fallen short. I seem to be moving in a slow gray fog. I have spurts of activity and mild creativeness only to become exhausted and need to take a nap. Pretty pathetic. I am not sure what is the root cause, post-holiday wind-down, the cold Arctic air, the new home or just general malaise. Whatever the cause, I am really looking for someway to 'SNAP OUT OF IT!' It is not that I don't have things to work on, because believe me the projects are everywhere, but the motivation is severely lacking.

Looking for some source of inspiration I traveled to the local library. While there I picked up a book I have been looking for, it is called No Sheep For You by Amy R Singer. I know those of you who may be allergic to wool, as I am, have seen it. I for one love the smell, texture and colors that knitting with wool bring to a project. Every time I start a project that calls for wool, I think, "This brand, or combination won't bother me." it does. The poncho I am currently knitting makes my nose itch every time I pick it up. It is so frustrating. This book is so Wonderful. For anyone who is allergic to wool I highly recommend it. It explains all of the fibers you can use to substitute for different projects. Not only that, but it explains why certain things work and others don't. Ms. Singer goes into just enough explanation to make sense without boring one into oblivion. The best part about this book is the author is so funny. I usually avoid books like these because they are dry and full of facts only scientists and chemists can appreciate or understand. Not here. Ms. Singer who just happens to also be the founder of Knitty.com and write for Interweave Knits is quite enjoyable. She also happens to be a "non-wool" knitter and allergy sufferer. And here is the best part. The book has patterns. Not just any patterns, but patterns for things made without wool. HA. She has done all the work and experimentation for us and come up with substitutions that will work so we can actually wear what we make. How novel?

I heard somewhere that January is Self-craft month. The month where all of our holiday projects for others are finished and cleaned out. Now we have time to make something for someone who we may at times neglect, ourselves! Isn't that just a great thing, permission to make ourselves something. CRAZY! Now, I believe, I have my inspiration, I just need to decide what to knit myself. Hmmm.
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