October Wreath

I pondered the possibilities of this months Quilt Wreath design as September drew to a close.  Among the things that made my list for October were, pumpkins, leaves, pumpkins, witches, bats, pumpkins, mums, ghosts, pumpkins, full moon, haunted houses, pumpkins. (You can see that pumpkins were high on my list of quilt blocks to make.)  I felt certain that I would indeed make a pumpkin block.  There are certainly 100s of patterns to choose from on the web, not to mention the holiday books I checked out from the library. 

Yet, as is typical of my life and creative process, I just couldn't bring myself to make something so cliche.  I know that sound terrible, there is certainly nothing wrong with pumpkins or Jack-o-lanterns.  I just could  not decide on a pattern.  Or more to the truth, nothing jumped out at me and screamed, "YOU WANT TO MAKE ME!"  Silly I know, but it's how I work.

Then I ran across this FREE cat pattern from Artisania and it said, "You have so got to make me!'  And I thought, "Who ME?"  Really, I wasn't sure it was talking to me personally. You see, there's a catch, it is a paper pieced block.  I have wanted to try paper piecing but, NOW. Are you sure?  I kept searching and searching but kept coming back to the cat.  

Initially, I started out with this Wreath Project to increase my machine quilting skills.  I have to say I have tried many new patterns I might not have otherwise tried on a larger quilt.  It has been a great way to increase machine control and try out new things without committing a new pattern to a larger project. (Or more specifically without being committed personally after trying a new pattern.)  The more I thought about it the better the idea seemed.  Why not try paper piecing this months block.  It's something new.  It certainly helps me increase my quilting skills.  Seriously, how hard can be?  Yeah, Okay, how many times have I been burned by that!

After one bad start, one miss placed piece and one placement of the wrong color,  I completed this months block.

October Wreath

 I even managed to squeeze out a few of the cliche things on my list. Let's just pretend it's an eye-spy game. Come on and play along.

I spy with my little eye.
A ghost, a moon, a tree and bat
And one totally awesome paper pieced black cat.

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