We've been BOO-ed!

Until moving here I guess you could say I was innocent in the ways of Halloween Neighborhood edict. That is to say I had never been BOO-ed.  Oh, sure I've had the occasional "boo!" or "Oh, that was bad!" after one or two of my slightly sarcastic comments.  I was always boo-ed by a family member or friend.  Never had I been BOO-ed by a complete stranger before. At first I wasn't sure what to feel.  Fear, confusion, excitement they were all muddled up.  Now after being a second year rookie I can honestly tell you "It is so much FUN!"  If I would have known I would have boo-ed my neighbors long before now.   For those of you who still may be in the dark, I'll educate you.
The Boo Gifts 

To qualify as a Boo-er you must be alive at the time the Boo-ing is going on.  I am sorry but that part is essential.  You must have a Halloween gift basket of sorts to share with your neighbors.  Nothing big or extravagant just something to say,  "HEY, IT'S HALLOWEEN!" You and your cohort must be sneaky, quiet and above all FAST!  The object in Boo-ing is to not let the person you are Boo-ing know who the gifts came from.  You need a boo sign and a boo poem to instruct the Boo target on what they are to do next.  You see one of the really great things about boo-ing is spreading the joy of Halloween to your neighbors.  

You have your kids sneak over to the neighbors  house with the treats, ring the doorbell and RUN!  It's a lot like ding-dong-ditch with permission.  Your neighbors are so excited you left them treats they forget the fact that you rang their bell, made them get up from their favorite chair, miss the ending to their favorite TV show, just to answer the door when no one was even there!  "I'm just sayin', perhaps that could be a scenario."  Here's a link to help you figure it all out!

Boo TReaT BAgs

This year we left these really cute, I mean scary, treat bags filled with sugary goodness.  I found the pattern, Small Treat Totes,  on Allpeoplequilt.com.  They were quick, easy and made completely from scraps.  If you are the ambitious type these would make great goodie bags for a kids party or baby shower!
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