Happy Halloween Everyone!  Here's a few pictures of our pumpkin carving and trick or treat garb.

What a transitional year for Pumpkin Carving!  Traditionally Mom has been the one to "help" with the cleaning and carving of the jack-o-lanterns.  This year the kids were able to do almost all of the carving themselves.  Let me tell you that the "Control Freak" in me was really bothered by this.  I had to step away and leave, just to stop myself from taking over!  I walked away and left them to clean out their pumpkins, despite the fact that my "Mommy Senses"  were tingling.  Wouldn't you know they had pumpkin food fight not minutes after I left them.  Fortunately, they were outside.  It was also fortunate that my deck really needed a good cleaning and now I had three volunteers to clean it.

Mark became,"too old" to Trick-or-treat this year.  It was sad for mom to think back to when he was little and went as "Bob the Builder."  They do grow fast.  Not to worry Mark hung out at home and watched football and ate, I mean passed out, candy.

Jack and Emma were still ready to go and collect their treats.  This  year they teamed up and decided to go as Hermione and Harry!  They looked Great!

John and I tagged along behind them, just far enough away so we wouldn't completely humiliate them.
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