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I have been busily sewing this last month in preparation for the elementary school "HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA!" (echo,echo,echo)  I have never participated in a "craft fair" as a vendor; and I am interested in seeing how it goes over. An experiment of sorts. I have days when I am optimistic and see myself selling out of all my quilts and then there are days when I envision myself sitting, bored out of my mind for hours.  I am sure it will be a mixture of both but my anxiety level is running high theses days.

I had hoped on posting more frequently, however until they perfect cloning I will have to settle for this random method I have going now.  Here are several of the quilts I finished up last week.
I added a couple of baby quilts to my stash, to be able to offer some lower priced items.  And, to be truthful, I just got really tired of making College quilts.
Baby Quilt
OH!  Look!  A Clemson University Quilt!  Notice the blocks in the corner.  These blocks evolved from the post I made here.  Thanks to everyone who commented!  Your comments were inspiring!


This is the second baby quilt I made this week.  It is quite obviously a Girl Quilt.  I was inspired not only by the pink but also by the sweet treats the fabric is covered in.  Sugar and Spice and all that.  My son's comment was "BOY, is that PINK!"  This quilt I love because it is backed with the softest lavender flannel.  Yummy.
Baby Girl Quilt
SURPRISE!  Another college quilt.  This time it's an OHIO STATE BLOCK "O" Quilt.  Go Bucks!

Block O
This is my latest attempt at the OH-IO quilt.  Not sure I really feel the mojo on this one.  Still have to get this one loaded and quilted.

Now I must be off to drop off my truck for a few "minor" cosmetic repairs.  (Just a Little run-in with the garage during a blinding hail storm!)

The Damage

Ginger slightly confused (ok even more than usual) at the sight of the fog.

Their was so much hail on the ground and the temperature was so warm we were immediately engulfed in a sea of fog.  Happily the rest of the hail damage was minor.  

Tomorrows post:  Severe weather and the effect on your quilting:)
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