Mummy made dinner

It is creeping up on Halloween and don't I know it!  If I couldn't tell by the Halloween Chorus of "What should I be this year?" (repeated daily by my children); I could certainly tell by the amount of Christmas Decor displayed at the mall!

Getting into the spirit of Halloween I decided to bake dinner with my kids.  I know, you are thinking, "WHAT?" But, looky what we made.  Mummy Meatloaf!  Check it out at FamilyFun.com.

Getting Jack and Emma involved with dinner is easy, keeping them from slicing and dicing each other is the hard part.  There is always the fight over who adds what ingredients and who got to mix longer. AH, Good times.  Emma really got into the experience and decided to mix the meatloaf with her hands.  She assured me that mixing meatloaf is probably a lot like squishing brains.  And I assured her that I never really thought about it.

All in all it was a DEVILISHLY GOOD time.
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