So proud!

Emma has been taking dance and cheer classes after school this fall.  She has always loved dance and has the natural grace and rhythm that I never acquired.  I find it fascinating to watch her as she glides, giggles and twirls, she is just having so much fun.  Everyday after class I ask her the same questions.  "How was class?  What did you learn?  and Did you have fun?"  She proceeds in to a lengthy recitation of her class the songs that were played, the new moves they learned and most importantly how everyone was dressed.  She is nothing if not thorough.  Yesterday after dance, Jack had band and so it was at dinner when we finally got around to the all important dance demonstration.  She showed me her Herkey? and her toe-touch and I oohed and aahed in appropriate places.  She went on and on about her teacher and how sweet she was and basically praised all that was dance and cheer.  After she was finished she wondered off to play the piano.  Not five minutes later she bounced back into the kitchen proclaiming, "Mom, I almost forgot to show you what else I learned."  Now when Emma is excited she talks without pauses, it is as if she cannot talk fast enough.  It becomes essentially one giant run on sentence, which goes something like this.

 "Mom, mom, MOM!  Look, watch, see.  I have been trying to learn this for weeks, probably months I don't know I haven't kept track, but I know it has been a long time. Courtney can do it and a few other kids in my class but I just couldn't and I knew if I kept practicing that one day I would get it.  Kind of like the time when I didn't know how to roll my r's but Lupita showed me and I practiced everyday in private because I didn't want anyone to see how silly I looked.  But then after a really, really long time, I don't know maybe a year I could do it.  Do you remember that?  When we lived in El Paso, do you?  Yeah?  Okay well this is kind of like that.  And today, guess what I got it!  Finally!  Well not the rolling the r's because I have been able to do that for a long time but, Oh!  I am so excited!  I'll just show you. Mom watch! Are you watching? MOM!"

Then the moment I had been waiting for.   My daughter, my cute pigtailed little girl proceeded to stick her hand under her armpit and make farting noises.  As if that wasn't enough to make my day, she states, "And look mom, when I am sweaty enough I can do it under my knee too!"  And she did.  I cannot express the depth of my pride.
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