Round Hole vs. Square Peg

I know many of you are thinking, "WHAT?"  but please let me explain.

About a month ago my mixer broke.  Or as my children screamed to their father as he came home, "Mom, broke her mixer!"  I assure you I did not break the mixer.  Said mixer is 7 years old and in mixer years that is like Prehistoric or 21 depending on your conversion.  It lived a long and happy life, never causing problems and basically doing everything I asked of it.  I was told my my engineer hubby that the gears were stripped out.  (Most women married to engineers know THEY have to try to fix the mixer before YOU are allowed to buy a new one.  It's like an oath or something).   All I know is that for the past month, because I have been to busy (aka, quilting obsessed) to buy a new mixer, whenever I turn the mixer on one beater-thingy turns and the other does not. It makes mixing difficult but doable, not advisable, but doable.

I broke down and bought a mixer last week.  Yesterday, I decided to make Oatmeal White Chocolate Chip cookies.  I brought out the new mixer and everyone OOO-ed and AHHH-ed as I got out the ingredients.  The kids got busy pulling out all of the mixing blades and playing with the packing bubbles while I continued to get everything ready.  I was nothing if not prepared.  In my excitement to get things together I pulled out the old metal beater-thingy and compared it to the new set.  WoW.  They looked exactly the same.  I thought to myself, "GREAT,  If I need to use the mixer and one set is dirty I don't have to wash them. I can just use these!"

This is where I should have thought something, anything, different than what I did.  And what did I think you ask?  Well, logically I thought, "I'll just check and see if they fit."  Wouldn't you know they did fit.  Oh, happy day!  Yea, the thing is they just wouldn't come back out.  OH *&^%!  yep.  Stuck.  I pushed the eject button like 12 hundred times and nothing happened.  Just about the time I had wedged the mixer between my knees and was tugging on the beater-thingy Mark announces, "Mom broke the NEW mixer!" (really got to work on the whole tattling thing).

Well,  I was berated for forcing the beater into the hole that was obviously to small for it to fit into.  I was mocked by my son who is always, always the first to break something.  I was teased by my children for not listening to my "own rules." In my defense, I did not force anything into anything.  It just fit nice and snug.

When the beater was finally released from the grips of the mixer, the new beater would not stay in.  It would not lock, it would not eject, nothing, nada, zip.  The mixer end fit just fine into the gear, or whatever, it just didn't lock in place.  I had apparently stretched out the plastic with the old blade and now my new mixer was broken.

Just great!  Now I have a kitchen full of very amused and full of themselves family memebers, not to mention 1 cup of softened butter.  So, I used it anyway.  So what if the beater fell out every one or two passes around the bowl.  So what if there were a few clumps.  And incase you wondered it is supposed to make that clinking noise.

Now if you'll excuse me I have roughly a dozen cookies to consume prior to taking my mixer back to the store.  I think it's defective.
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