WE make a plant cell

Monday night John went into tuck Jack into bed.  Jack said, "Dad, I'm stressed."  When John asked why he was stressed Jack responded, "We forgot about my cell model project that is due Wednesday."  John replied, "We?"  Jack gave him a sheepish grin and said, "Yes, we. Mom and I.  We forgot to bake the cake for the model."  John explained very patiently how homework assignments and long term projects were his responsibility and not Mom or Dad's.  Jack, who always has and answer for everything said, "Well, I cannot very well cook the cake by myself.  Do you want me to get burned?" Not to be out done by his son John responded, "I think it is time for WE to go to bed."

Never fear WE managed the project the next day.  Complete Plant Cell Model contained  green icing cytoplasm, a cupcake nucleus, fruit-by-the-foot cell wall, Mike & Ike's for the chloroplasts and Jolly Ranchers for the mitochondria.  After the presentation at school the kids proceeded to devour the cake.  Jack came home and said it was the best vegetable he has ever eaten.

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