As a child there are specific words or phrases that your parents spoke which you remember vividly. As an adult you swear you will NEVER say those things. As a parent you are constantly amazed at how much you sound like your mother or father. Words like "If I have to pull this car over I will!" or "You're pushing your luck." Every time I catch myself saying something like this I am stunned at how much I sound like my parents. It amazes me. Everyday I seem to pick up one more trait or characteristic of my parents. I have to admit, it is also a little frightening.

Kids are so unpredictable sometimes, okay, most of the time. Boys, especially, give me pause more often than not. I have started a list of things that I have said, only to look back later and taken out of context laugh and laugh. Which I see as a good thing, that I can still laugh about it. Here are some things I have said that I never in a million years would have guessed I'd be saying.

1. Please stop giving your brother wedgies.
2. I know what I said but, sometimes your dad is right.
3. No. I don't think wearing your roller-blades and riding your scooter is a good idea.
4. No, Emma. I don't know why boys are so annoying.
5. Stop making your brother laugh and just go to sleep.
6. Next time do not use duck tape to hang things on the walls.
7. What to you mean it just broke?
8. You just broke your brothers finger. Could you please not wrestle with him while he is taking pain medicine.
9. I know he wasn't listening to you. But, Emma, there are better ways to get his attention besides punching him in the face.
10. If you are going to take something apart, please make sure it is unplugged next time.
11. No you cannot play golf with a rock.
12. Yes, I am sure he is not adopted. Well, because I was there.
13. When Grammy is here you may not talk about farts or poop, ever.

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