Wants and Needs

This past weekend we went house shopping (yeah!) I was finally able to convince my husband that we have indeed waited an appropriate amount of time and we need to start looking for a house. After all 6, months of living in a rental home with 1/2 of our things is getting a little maddening. I had hoped that we would be settled (whatever that means) by now. School starts in 9 days and I really, really, really don't want to move the kids into yet another school. Not to mention, I am getting really tired of searching for things that "I know we have" only to discover they are still in Texas. Emma complains almost daily about her numerous toys that were placed in storage (for just a couple of months--try 6+). I had reached my limit. I spent a week sleeping and eating, with no motivation for doing anything. Caring for my kids was the only reason I had for continuing to survive, for that is all we were doing. I finally snapped and poor John got an ear-full, bless his heart he listened to every word. I think it might have been fear that kept him listening intently. We talked, considered our options and decided plan A. Thus the house hunting started.

During the course of our discussions I would talk of an option and list the reasoning for my train of thought. Most, if not all, of my decisions are based on how moving will affect the kids. After the discussion we were pulled away by more pressing issues, bedtime, and did not discuss the moving idea until the next day when we were planning with the realtor. John suddenly stopped and looked at me and said, "What do you want?" I was stunned. I just stood there and looked at him. I felt like it had been so long since someone asked me that I didn't know how to answer. I felt struck stupid as I answered honestly, "I haven't thought about it. I don't know." I wanted to scream "I want to be out of this tiny space. I want to be reunited with my quilting machine. And I want my family to be happy." But, what do I want in a house. I cannot believe I haven't even thought about it. So, I sat down and wrote a list. It went something like this.

1. A house with a room for everyone.
2. A three car garage
3. A large studio for my quilting
4. A large porch with a ceiling fan
5. A wooded lot.
6. A view of the lake.
7. A big kitchen that cleans it's self
8. A maid. a chef, and a live in sitter.
9. A guest room, just for guests
10. A place where we can live for at least 5 years without moving again!

OK, maybe I need a little help defining wants vs. needs but hey he asked!

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