Just in the Neighborhood...

I am sure you have heard the phrase.."I was just in the neighborhood so I thought I'd drop by." We had a visit of that sort this weekend. Out of the blue I text message Dominic. I am still not sure why, other than I was entertaining my self. We don't often get to talk much since our schedules are so different. (basically I have kids, he doesn't) When he text me back that he was in West Virginia I'll admit I was curious. He said, "hey we are only 5 hours away from you." Which is pretty amazing since the past 3 years we have been 36 hours away from each other.
Apparently 5 hours to Dom and Maggie is "in the neighborhood." So, they dropped in for a visit. (like I said No kids.) It was wonderful. I'll admit family gatherings are great. When all 5 of us kids get together for a visit, with all of the spouses, significant others, kids and dogs, it gets pretty crazy. It is great but, getting one-on-one visiting time with your sibling is not easy during those visits. This was very nice, very unexpected and very wonderful for all. We had a great time. The kids adore all of their aunts and uncles each bringing their own special "fun" with them. Uncle Dom and Maggie showered them with attention, gave praise for the kids stories and achievements and gave hugs freely. The kids ate it up! While the visit was short, the time spent was quality. We all enjoyed their company and we hope the next time they are "in the neighborhood" we an do it again. Thanks Guys!
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