Come out come out where ever you are...

Where did I go? Nowhere and everywhere at the same time. I am here still in South Carolina. The kids are back at school and the routine is almost back to normal or as good as it will get. I am amazed that there haven't been more "emergency" runs to the school than there have already been. The kids have grown up so much, it seems, just in the time we have been here. No longer do I have to yell at them to do their homework. Amazing. They immediately come home and start working. Weird! I know! Today took a different turn in that I had to make them stop doing homework and have a snack. Imagine that! "Hey, You don't do that homework. You must eat!" Fatigue was setting in, as was the frustration and I new instinctively that it was due to hunger. Well, that and I couldn't handle the constant bickering. Not to mention the whining!

It looks on paper as though I have more time to do things yet, somehow I still don't get it all done. I just don't get it. Sure, I save up all my doctors appointments and do them while the kids are in school. Then there are general errands to do. Sure, Ginger and I get to walk everyday. Yet, get this, I still can't find time to finish the quilt I am working on. It seams I am just running out the door and I realized I have to get back and meet Jack an Emma at the bus stop. I am sure it will slow down. Isn't that what all moms' say. You know the, "I cannot wait until the kids are back at school so I can ..."

Today, I actually got to the store and purchased yarn. Never-mind I have a project only half finished in my knitting bag. I haven't worked on, said project, since we moved here and yet, I am bored with it. I found this pattern that I wanted to do and it called for bamboo yarn. I have wanted to try a bamboo yarn for quite a while now, and today was the day to start it. Okay, well, today was the day to hunt and gather, tomorrow I'll start. Maybe, soon I'll have another 1/2 finished project.

Meanwhile I am still house hunting. Which, unfortunately is not going well. I am frustrated and tired and oh, so annoyed. I don't want to sacrifice my quilting room but, it looks like that may be a very real possibility. No matter how you arrange a room, sharing it with the play room sounds like a bad, bad idea. So I trudge on. We'll find one that works sooner or later, of that I'm sure.

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