The kids and I spent the evening at the pool yesterday. While we were there Emma started to read all of the signs posted in the pool area. Which is good, I think, anything to get them to read in the summer. She really took the rules to heart and would come and let me know when someone was breaking the rules. "MOM! MOM! That kid is running and the sign says No RUNNING!" It was nothing, if not a refreshing change from the endless tattling at home. She had trouble with a few of the words, obviously a word like Prohibited, is foreign to a second grader. (Not to mention a princess.) After a while, Jack decided to 'help" her read them. Try. try as I might, he just doesn't understand that she doesn't want his help. Perhaps, that in itself is the fun. They soon came across a sign that read "NO TRESPASSING AFTER HOURS" Emma, resigned to Jack's "help" said, "What does that mean Jack?" I was about to explain, when Jack filled her in for me. "It means you cannot trespass after the pool is closed. But, I guess it is OKAY to trespass during the day."
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