Another day in Paradise

Paradise. Just the word conjures up images of sandy beaches, pristine waters, palm trees, lush vegitation and a day of laying in the sun. The reality doesn't always meet up with expectation, which is a lession I guess we all have to learn. This is what our first day in paradise, specifically Los Cabos, Mexico looked like. Hurricane Jimena.

If you google The Westin Los Cabos you will find their website. Once there, you will find the photos on which our expectations were so highly set. Now, imagine if you will the same place covered in rain, with puddles everywhere. Imagine the ball room with the tables removed and the floor littered with temporary cots (aka the cushions from the chaise lounge chairs). This has become our reality.

I have to first commend the staff here at the Westin. They obviously had a course of action layed out and the staff was most efficient in setting it into motion. Their dedication to the safety and comfort of their guests has been impecable. I suppose if you had to stay in a hurricane a resort would be the way to go. Not that I am recomending it.

We have been evacuated to the ballroom, a staff corridor and some of the smaller meeting and conference rooms. My best estimate is about 400. They have fed us and provided us with water, coffee, tea and soft drinks around the clock. They have set up one of the meeting rooms for movies (the highlight of today is HSM incase you wondered). They have even dug out board games, cards and bingo. The best part is that we are safe. Sure the kids are bored. Sure my hip is killing me from sitting on the floor and I would love nothing more than to take a long hot shower. But again we are safe.

It has been difficult for many, as this is not the vacation they had planned. I feel terrible when I look at all of the honeymooners who are sleeping on a couch in the hall. I have been angered by the audacity of the select few who complain non-stop to anyone who will listen. I agree it is unfair but again, what choice do we have? Fortunately most people are understanding and we have come to enjoy the company of several guests. All of whom I am certain we would never have met under normal circumstances. The disaster has brought forth the good and the bad in all of us. Together we will weather the storm ( HaHa). Tomorrow we will all go about our vacations. (I hope) For now I listen to the unending droan of the kids Nintendo DS games and the slow hum of the conversations around us.

Sending you all love.
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