Seek and Ye shall Find.

I'll be the first to admit that I am always loosing things. My husband believes firmly in the old adage, "A place for everything. And everything in it's place." Time and time again he says, "if you put it back, you would know where it is." Blah, blah, blah. I know he is probably right. But I am just not organized in an OCD type fashion. Heck, half of the time I cannot even remember why I went upstairs!

My kids, unfortunately, have taken after me. Well, at least Mark and Jack. Emma, like her father, can almost always find what she needs. (You guessed it she put it back where she got it. Crazy). In the same way Mark and Jack, "loose" things they also can never "find" things. Kids as always will say, "Mom, have you seen...? or Where is my....?" If I know where it is, I can give specific directions to Emma and POOF! Just like that she will find it. I can give the same directions to the boys and I get, "Where?", "I looked there." and my favorite, "IT's NOT THERE!" as if yelling will convince me that they searched thoroughly.

Case in point. Saturday Mark had 2 soccer games. John was out of town and I had to get all the kids up and out of the house by 7:30. This is our normal school routine so, I figured we could do it. HA! More the fool am I. At 7:20 I asked Mark, "Do you have everything?" To which he mumbled something that resembled a "uh-hu." Not believing for an instant that he did. I rattled off the list of things he needed: drink, cleats, shin-guards, home and away uniforms? Oh, yeah uniforms. Rolling my eyes, I watched as he proceeded to dump the entire contents of his bag on the floor of the kitchen. This is standard procedure for Mark. Just dump it on the floor. Is it any wonder the boy looses things. Nope. No home uniform.

Going through my mental list, I remembered I washed it just before we left for Cabo. So I say, "It's been washed check your closet and your dresser." Off he goes. 20 seconds later, "Mom! I can't find it!" Hmmm. Did he really look? "Did you check in your t-shirt drawer?" I bellowed back. "Yes!" Continuing on this path I rattle off a list of other places, in his dresser and closet where the uniform might be. Thinking maybe "check your closet" was too general for the boy. Then I progress to, "Check under your bed!" To which I get, "I did already." Yeah sure you did. We progress further with mom naming unlikely places for said uniform to be lying. I reluctantly dive into the search. I check under furniture, behind furniture, and in the couch cushions. I then look up to realize Mark is missing. I find him in my bedroom doing an awesome job of distributing the dirty laundry all over my bed. "It's not in here." He states. How could he tell? I have no idea. We go back through the list a second time, still no uniform. Well, now I have moved from annoyed to fuming. Jack and Emma are now fighting about something utterly ridiculous. Not only that, but they are tattling on one another. Furious I yell, "EVERYONE GO MAKE THEIR BEDS!" Just to give them something to do while I look for the @#$! uniform. Then approximately 30 seconds later I hear Mark yell, "I found it!"

Apparently, the stack of clean and folded laundry that I set on his bed for him to put away was "overlooked." Rather than putting it away before he went to bed, he just through the covers over the pile and climbed into bed. I am informed that he was just "too tired." But then he just didn't make his bed for a week and forgot all about the laundry. I am not sure how you forget about the large lump at the foot of your bed, but for Mark it is possible. The kicker was when he said, "Hey, I was looking for this t-shirt all week!" Out of sight, out of mind. It truly is a good thing his head is attached.
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