Natural Nature

Mark found a Polyphemus moth caterpillar this afternoon. They look a lot like a Luna Moth caterpillar until you do some research and discover the differences. Check it out! We stuck the caterpillar in a flower pot and observed it as it climbed and ate leaves. Ginger became much to interested in the little guy. For its own "safety" Mark placed it in our butterfly house. The kids had great fun collecting leaves, twigs and general items necessary for its habitat. Through out the evening the 3 kids could be found laughing giggling or discussing (ok, arguing) about the little critter. Several Internet searches were done for information and knowledge about Mr. Polyphemus. At one point Jack said most enthusiastically, "I just love Natural Nature!" Looking more than a little perplexed Mark counters with, "Which is different than UN-natural nature HOW?" Jack explained further, "Natural nature is more, well natural, of course. You know. Not the fake nature like at the zoo. The real nature like it is outside in our yard."
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