The calm after the storm?

Well, as you may have guessed we are still very much alive. I apologize to those of you who thought (or may have wished) otherwise. We weathered the hurricane in Cabo without incident. Tuesday night most of the storm had passed us by and we were allowed back into our room. The high winds continued through the night but we never got much rain. By Wednesday morning the staff of the Westin was busily cleaning up the mess left behind by Hurricane Jemina. Thursday afternoon when the bride and groom arrived any trace of the hurricane had all but been erased from the resort. Here is a cell phone picture of the view from our room on the eighth floor.

The events of the weekend went smoothly and the wedding was beautiful! Emma even declared she was getting married on a beach. Big steps for a girl, who minutes before, was never going to get married, ever. More to come on the wedding in another post.

Monday was a flurry of airports and assorted stops such as customs and immigration. (always a good time & was made even better with 3 kids and long lines.) We made it home late Monday, actually Tuesday morning and were able to procure a whopping 5 hours of sleep.

Tuesday passed in a gray sleep lacking haze. I am sure I did some things as there are no more suitcases out and several baskets of laundry are sitting around the house. However, my exact wear-abouts Tuesday remain a mystery even to me.

Here we are at Wednesday already. WOW. Now that was fast.
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