A walk in the park

Yesterday we decided to hike instead of boat (gasp!)  I know an odd occurrence.  With the lake only minutes away you would think boating our main priority.  True we have been boating every weekend since we moved in, but why ruin a good thing?  There was much grumbling and rumbling buy some, OK all of my children.  And I think the decision may have caused John physical pain.  Despite all of this we went anyway.  

We took off for the Three Rivers Greenway.  This is a paved trail about 3.2 miles in length that runs along the Congaree river in Columbia.  It was a beautiful trail with lots of trees, water, rocks and did I say trees?  The trees here amaze me.  Perhaps I have just been away from them to long.  

The trees make a lovely canopy for walking this trail.  They also provide tons of climbing and hanging structures.  The Kudzu and other forms of Ivy are quite prolific here, making numerous vines to hang and swing from.  (Hopefully none of the vines are poison ivy.)

As you can see no one had any fun and we just should have stayed home. 

 The park runs right along the Congaree River and there are many opportunities for throwing sticks, rocks and other  items into the river. 

 The city of Columbia is rich with American history.  There were many signs along the way marking farms, ferries, shipping ports and the like.  The trail lead us under many bridges which cross the river and into downtown Columbia.  

The right side of this picture is mural painted on the bridge supports and the left side, behind Mark is the river.  I love the fact that this mural blends into the scenery.  It was a beautiful day and even though the boat did not accompany us we all had a good time.  Never fear, out look for next weekend...Boating.

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