Easter Happenings

Okay.  I am a little behind but here are some Easter Pictures I wanted to share.
The kids started out with egg coloring.  It used to be so much easier to color eggs.  Now everyone wants multicolored eggs.  Trying to get each half to be a different color leads to a lot of multicolored fingers and a lot of dropped eggs.
Then they switched to dying the entire egg in 3 different colors.  And we ended up with many swamp colored eggs.  Notice the series of swamp green eggs on the left side of the picture.  I was very frustrated.  This in combination with The Masters being on TV and Mark leaving with a cup of dye in his hands to watch TV made for a very aggravated mama.

Our Final results.

The Easter bunny came and left clues for the kids to find their baskets.  See if you did as well as they did.

Clue 1 (hidden in jelly beans on the stove)
An Easter hunt. What fun!  What fun!
3 new baskets, when all is done.
A bed, a desk, a cage, a box
for person and dog but not a fox.

Clue 2 (taped to dog cage)
Sometimes hot, Sometimes cold
Trees grow up, So I'm told.
Papers, trash and Items Sold
Mail, flyers and letters I hold.

Clue 3 (mailbox)
This is a place to cook your meat
A table and chairs for your seat
Cheeseburgers, hot dogs and occasionally fish
Might cook a chicken but not the dish.

Clue 4 (grill)
You are tired, so you say.
One more clue for you today.
I am soapy, clean and wet
You don't like to take them, I bet.
Scrub your hair, face and feet,
And you will have lots of candy to eat.

Yep, Baskets in the shower.  Good Job!

After consuming our weight in Jelly-beans, Cinnamon rolls and Kisses, we forced the kids to sit still through a mass that was 2 hours long.  Perhaps we should have rethought that.  Surprisingly, they did quite well.  Afterward we went to brunch at the Crab Shack.  They had a wonderful brunch with yummy southern dishes.
Grammy & Papa came in for the Holiday.  Here they are after Easter Brunch.  

Hope your Easter went as well as ours.  Happy Easter (a few days late)
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