Meet Audrey

Meet Audrey Anne Hendricks. She was born 4/11/09.  She is the daughter of John's niece Sarah.  

Making me...old.  No, actually I am now officially a great aunt. With Audrey's birth I thought I would pass on my words of wisdom to Sarah.  She may not get around to reading my blog until Audrey enters kindergarten, nevertheless, I feel it my duty as an older, and perhaps wiser mother of three.

1. Relax.
(the dishes will still be dirty tomorrow.  But Audrey will only be this size today. Tomorrow she will be bigger, stronger and smarter.)

2. Enjoy.
(Babies need to be spoiled. When she is older she will learn.)

3. Remember.
(no matter what advice you are given, you are Audrey's mom and it is your decision.)

4. Rest.
(You need to take care of You.)

5. Love.
(Daddy's need love too.)

6. Trust.
(mother's instincts.)

7. Pray.
(When you are at the end of your rope, pray)

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