Mark is taking a service learning class as part of the curriculum here in Lexington.  The class teaches the importance of giving service to one's community. The class has various volunteer activities and requirements to meet throughout the quarter.  One of those requirements it to volunteer at least 3 hours of your time at the facility of your choice.  Mark chose to do his volunteering at one of the no kill local animal shelters.  We thought we would share some of the dogs he helped this weekend.  Many of the dogs were abandoned, abused or left for dead.  The stories are all heart wrenching.  Even John who accompanied Mark came home with his "favorites".  The sounded like very sweet animals.

This is Linus.
4 month old pup 

Lazarus who was literally raised from his death by the crew at Pets Inc.
Eski who was beaten and malnourished when she was found.

A Ginger look-a-like puppy.  

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